Everyday Habits to Increase Your Fitness

In a parallel world, we dream of hitting the gym every day and break a sweat doing our favourite exercises. However, sometimes life gets the better of us, and we’re not able to hit the gym. We’re here to tell you that this does not mean you cannot stay fit at home.

Doing some basic everyday tasks can boost your fitness levels in the ways you can’t even imagine. Here are few of such fitness activities that you can try immediately at your house.


This can excite many shopping enthusiasts. Yes, shopping is a form of exercise that can increase your fitness level. Why? Because it involves walking around. Imagine you’re shopping for clothes or grocery at a mall; you walk a considerable amount of distance that increases your metabolic rate. A walk around a shopping mall can burn up to 200 calories per hour. Now you know where to go if you feel your fitness levels going down.

Shopping enthusiasts


Whether you’re vacuuming the floor, cleaning the dust or sweeping, you have some movement in your body that can burn quickly up to 150 calories per hour. Practising these activities every day not only keeps your house clean but also boosts your fitness levels.

Shovelling the snow

In countries where it often snows, you know how much of a task it can be to clear the snow in the area. Shovelling off the snow is an aerobic activity that increases the strength of your hand muscles and keeps you fit. On average it burns up to 200 calories per hour.

Shovelling the snow

Taking the stairs

We all know the benefits of taking the stairs over an elevator, but hardly a handful of them put it to practice. It works your glutes and hamstrings, whilst burning a massive amount of calories. Couldn’t hit the gym on a leg day? You can make it up by taking the stairs wherever you go, work, school, apartment or your own house.


Gardening is an underrated activity that most people neglect or “get it done” by a gardener. It involves getting your hands dirty and also planting the seeds and watering, that includes a good amount of walking around and strength. Gardening regularly not only refreshes your mind but also increases your fitness levels in the long run.



We get it if you can’t walk to the office, college or school. But one thing you can practice every day is parking your car or bike a little away from your destination and get that 10-minute walk. In this busy schedule and fast-paced life, we hardly have time to walk for 30 minutes every day. If you can make this a habit, the results can pay off in the long run. Another alternative is to cycle to work or college every day. It is an aerobic exercise that can increase your strength and stamina.


If you’re not able to hit the gym or get enough physical activity every day, you can include the steps mentioned above in your routine and immediately notice the difference in your fitness levels.

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