6 Tips Essential for Treadmill Running

Running on a treadmill always seems a bit odd for the first-timers. But it does benefit the serious runners to never miss their daily run due to bad weather conditions or the current pandemic situation. To gain successful results from treadmill running, you must know a few important tips. These essential tips are for treadmill runners who have just started using a treadmill.


Warming up before you start your early morning run is important as your body needs to stretch out and breathe in order to take the pressure of running. A good warm-up increases your heart rate and increases the oxygen flow in your body. Instead of jumping right away on the treadmill for a sprint, start with a 5-minute walk or easy job and slowly increase the pace.

Learn the functions

The treadmills today provide a lot of functions to improve the quality of your workout. When you are in a gym, learn the functions of the treadmill from your trainer, or refer to the guidebook if you just ordered a new treadmill for your home. Functions like the heart rate monitor, calorie burn calculator, pre-sets, and speed display can help you out in customizing your work out session.

Use a little incline

Indoor running cancels effective natural factors like wind and rough terrain. You can add a bit of difficulty for your treadmill by inclining it 1-2% for an uphill running feel. However, take your time to increase the inclination based on your comfort. When you feel running is becoming easier, challenge yourself with an increase in inclination. At the same time, do not make it too steep to strain your ankles, hips, and back.

Do not look down

Drop the habit of looking down at your console as soon as possible. Checking your console every minute for how much time or distance is left with distracting you from performing better. You cannot maintain a good running form if your mind is distracted by the buttons and display. It can also hard your body posture, which can lead to back pain.

Buy a quality treadmill

Having a good workout requires a quality treadmill. It will motivate you to wake up every day and run a few miles. You also need to make sure that a treadmill is strong enough to bear with the pressure of your body as well as the other family members who will be using it. A 500 lb weight capacity treadmill is considered an ideal choice for all size users. Investing in a better quality treadmill will ensure the long run than the cheaper ones that may need replacements sooner.

Stay hydrated and cool

Running will make you dehydrate faster. When you run outside, the air automatically cools down your body, but when you are running inside a room, you need to take the right steps to keep yourself cool and hydrated. Keep a bottle of water or an energy drink near you and drink at least 4-6 ounces after every 20 minutes of running.

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